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The Tricon Group is a construction, maintenance and service group, driven to providing flawless and timely projects for your stores. With our vast experience in supermarket design, repair, construction and maintenance, we strive to be regarded as a company measured by its progress toward a long-term objective of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, employing unique design, delivery, installation, maintenance, renovation and, of course, outstanding customer service. Our headquarters and warehousing facility, located in Oakland, NJ, enable us to support the vast array of projects available to service your business.  The Tricon Group will give you the results you are looking for in supermarket maintenance and construction.

With more than a combined 45 years experience in the industry, ownership opened the Tricon Group's doors in 2016. Our 15,000 square foot warehouse and large fleet of trucks, vans and containers, combined with our dedicated staff and skilled technicians, allow us to take on a wide variety of jobs big and small. 


We are passionate about delivering and exceeding customer's expectations on projects, while maintaining value, integrity, honesty and fairness.


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